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Oh, Danzig

DANZIG at Fun Fun Fun Fest: Patsy, Or Did He Just Throw Up A Brick?

Ah, leave it to Glenn Danzig to keep things interesting.  Whether he's making news shopping for kitty litter or preparing for an apparently large-scale home improvement project, in Glenn's world things just never go as simply as they're meant to.

To wit, at Friday's opening night of Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin – a night in which there were several competing stages but Danzig Legacy was clearly the top earner – things went horribly awry as the band's soundcheck went on interminably despite being almost non-existent to the common observer's eye.

What happened next varies depending on who you ask – Glenn himself or the media at large – but it appears that a dry, dust-heavy cold front that moved through the area had Glenn feeling a bit under the weather and reluctant to perform.  He finally relented after demanding certain "get well" concessions, including french onion soup and a chicken sandwich from Wendy's.

Seems perfectly reasonable, right?  Well, perhaps that chicken sandwich needing to be specifically from Wendy's when everyone knows Whataburger is better is a little pushy, but the man has to get his voice into as optimal a shape as possible considering all the thousands who paid good money to see him.

Unfortunately, knowing in advance that the public park the event was held in has a 10:00 curfew, Glenn nonetheless took the stage 45 minutes late, sounded like shit and bitched constantly throughout the Danzig and Samhain sets, and two songs into the Misfits' set he was informed it was 9:55 and he had a mere five minutes left to play.

At this point Glenn attempted to turn the crown against the organizers, openly encouraging a riot which fortunately did not come to pass.  A full timeline of the day's events directly from the FFF Fest organizers can be found here and naturally there is Youtube footage of the fallout below.

It should be noted that Glenn played a Danzig-only show at the same festival in 2009 that was well received.

Update from the editor: To wit, Slayer posted the following after their completed set at Fun Fun Fun Fest:

DANZIG at Fun Fun Fun Fest: Patsy, Or Did He Just Throw Up A Brick?

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