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I Really Hope This Story About DANZIG Is True!

Danzig has become a mythical character of late, a caricature almost. We all went crazy when he was spotted with cat food, which, if it were anybody else, would not be headlines. Who doesn't love a good Danzig story? Here is another one to add into the lore of Glenn. So this guy was having an IM conversation with a dude who happens to be neighbors with Danzig. The neighbor describes the place and an unusual incident that recently went down:

justin: dude
Danzig lives next door to me in l.a.
down the street
and he is the worst neighbor ever
dude, i have danzig stories
me: NO SHIT!
Justin: like, one awesome one
i can’t believe you said danzig
me:you realize this may be our#1 topic at work?
justin: dude
so, ok, here’s the danzig story
me: we always say, “What do you think Danzig is doing right now?”
justin: danzig lives in this SHIT HOLE house near me in los feliz
about a hundred yards down the street
his house is super run down
except he’s got this crazy jaguar in the backyard
me: its a place of eeeeevil
justin: so he has this huge pile of bricks in his front yard
and the house looks like an evil pixar house
so anyway, his neighbor was like, “dude, danzig your bringing property values down with these bricks in your yard.”
and danzig was pissed
so anyway, back and forth with his neighbor and danzig
and finally one day
i see danzig outside
in his front yard
and he’s hurling bricks into this drumpster and he’s screaming, “HERE I AM MOTHERFUCKER, JUST CLEANING UP MY FUCKING BRICKS BITCH!”
Just super loud
to no one in particular
for two hours
it was amazing
like, i couldn’t even think about other things
because it was so amazing
me: oh my god
this is amazing
justin: dude
it blew my mind
because it was danzig as just a really poor homeowner

I Really Hope This Story About DANZIG Is True!

Who knows if this is even true? But, you know what… I want to believe it! Don't you?

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