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Music Videos

It's a solid cover of a lesser-known track.

Music Videos

Danzig just posted this video for his cover of "N.I.B.," the Black Sabbath classic and there are lots of boobs!

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Surprise: Black Laden Crown is neither the meme-confirming atrocity that his naysayers want it to be nor the late career renaissance that his diehard...

Oh, Danzig

Skeletons is a stopgap album of covers centred around Danzig's early influences. For a guy nicknamed "Evil Elvis" apparently Glenn is unaware that we...

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Latest Danzig Live Footage

Live Footage

Rob Zombie really enjoys jamming with Danzig. Around Halloween, when both artists were in Vegas to do shows, Zombie brought up Danzig to do...

Live Footage

At Heavy MTL this past weekend, during the portion of Danzig's set where he does classic Misfits tracks with his old running mate Doyle,...

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