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Jered Threatin Issues First Statement Since Drama: "You Are Part of The Illusion"

Posted by on November 14, 2018 at 1:35 pm

Shortly after the world learned who Jered Threatin really is, the dude finally released an official statement. Sadly, it does not seem like he's learned his lesson at all, and is trying to somehow turn this bad publicity on it's head.

Jered's first statement on all his social media was basically brag about all the press he's gotten. Here's his post:

Good question, Jered: What is fake news? What exactly is fake about you blowing a ton of money on a European tour that nobody showed up to?

As for the illusion, it seems it's only in Jered's head. Yes, he got an insane amount of free publicity this weekend, but how has he converted that free publicity? He shut down most of his social media, and his Twitter and Instagram are back up now – his Instagram is at 17k followers and his Twitter is at 4.5k. We don't know how many of those are fake/pre-bought and even still, with getting publicity on major publications, beyond just metal sites, this was covered on BBC, The Guardian, big music publications – he can't even crack 20k likes on social media?

His Spotify streams also sit at only a few thousand.

So, I ask, where is the gain here for Jered? Who is now a Threatin fan because of this stunt? There is no visible gains here. Jered has just tarnished his reputation. Who would want to work with him now?

Yes, this is an intriguing story, but dude, what are you doing? It seems like Jered comes from a working class family, so I would assume he is in the red for tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on all the money he's spent on creating this image that nobody is buying.

Update: Jered's brother has released a statement distancing himself from Jered and saying the two haven't spoken since 2012. Read the statement here

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