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Musicians Can Now Legally Check Instruments As Carry-On Luggage For Flights

Now you're responsible for breaking your stuff like an idiot! Hooray!

Now you're responsible for breaking your stuff like an idiot! Hooray!

As of March 1, musicians can check their instruments as carry on luggage when they fly! If you're a musician then you know this is great news because checking musical instruments as regular luggage has always been a nightmare, usually resulting in them being damaged or destroyed. According to News Channel 5 Network, Congress passed this law three years ago but the United States Department of Transportation never came up with the proper guidelines for the law, thus rendering it useless until now.

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The rules have finally been issued by the D.O.T. saying as long as there is space in either the overhead bin or under a seat, that the musician can bring the instrument on board. These rules will go into effect in 60 days.

Personally, my stuff is all regular stock instruments, meaning if they got destroyed then buying a new one is basically the same thing as the old one. I can definitely see how this is comforting to bands with really expensive guitars and everything though. Also, what is the protocol for cellos or standing basses? Will those be allowed?

Either way, congratulations musicians! Now you can fly from New York to Denver and not have to worry that your $3,000 Carvin is going to end up as a puzzle in the belly of the plane!

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