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JNCOs Are Coming Back

If you were a metal fan in the 90s, you know exactly what this means.

If you were a metal fan in the 90s, you know exactly what this means.

Another sign of the nu-metal revival? No, it's not that new Coal Chamber album. The popular fashion choice of any nu-metal fan is gearing up for a relaunch: JNCO jeans are coming back!

The Fader reports:

JNCO, the wide-leg jean label synonymous with '90s fashion, has received a cash infusion from a Chinese investor to relaunch in 2015. WWD reports the comeback will be spearheaded by Andrew Jacouvou, president and CEO of Guotai Litian, and will consist of three capsules: a core collection, a fashion collection, and a heritage range. According to WWD, "The core collection features traditional styles including a knit jean with a slouchy fit; the fashion group has joggers with zip bottoms and a drawstring waist, and the heritage collection offers leg openings of 20 inches and 23 inches, with high waists. All of the product will feature JNCO's crown logo."

The compnay hopes to introduce a whole new line of consumers to their walking floor mops jeans. Full disclosure: as a child of the 90s, I did own a pair of JNCOs in high school, and as somebody who was far past 6' tall even in high school, they were a godsend because they were the first pair of jeans I wore that fit comfortably and loose. With that said, I think I'll pass on this revival.

Will you buy a pair once they're up for a sale? Looks like an official website is up, but no products yet.

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