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DEATH BREATH Now Stinking Up the U.S.A.

Whenever there is an overwhelming influx of new LPs being sent to my desk from around the world, I often find comfort in taking a break and listening to some older favorites in my collection. These records aren't old enough to write up on a classics column, and they're certainly not new releases, which means no one is currently giving them love, well we can't have that!

One such band is Sweden's answer to old school death metal, Death Breath. The band features Mr. Jackofalltrades himself Nicke Andersson. If the name sounds familiar it's because he probably laid down drums, guitars, bass, piano, or vocals on some of your favorite records in the past from the likes of Entombed, Dismember, The Hellacopters, or Nihilist to name a few. I mean homeboy is credited on over 100 LPs, so you know he knows his shit.

Death Breath began with Andersson basically wanting to jam out on drums in a traditional Swedish Death Metal band again, how can ya blame him? They're raw, fierce, old school, in your face, and very headbanger friendly. Death Breath only has 2 releases and I highly recommend them both!

There are a handful of bands playing Maryland Deathfest this year that are keeping me on the fence about canceling my previous engagements to attend the show, and Death Breath is one of them. I'm super stoked they're coming to the U.S. but I'm holding out to see if they'll add a NYC date. If someone can help make that happen, THEN HELP MAKE THAT HAPPEN! Please?

I want to be one of the guys in this live clip loosing his shit.

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Their debut LP will drop this winter.