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Latest Opeth News

Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt will be in the same room soon.

Lacuna Coil, Opeth, Sepultura, and Dream Theater too!

Apparently we enjoy making ourselves feel old with these lists. Turns out 1996 was a big turning point for metal, with some bands releasing...

Today, Netflix announced a new series helmed by former Bathory drummer Jonas Åkerlund. The series, called Clark, will star Bill Skarsgård of It fame. But the...

Latest Opeth Music Videos

Music Videos

Opeth bassist Martin Mendez brings the death metal.

Music Videos

Or "Universal Truth" if you got the English version.

Music Videos

Honestly, I think Mikael Åkerfeldt sounds the best he's sounded in a while with his growls.

Music Videos

Opeth have released a new music video for "Era." Can you spot the band in this proggy nightmare? The video was shot by Markus...

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Latest Opeth Reviews


"Music for me is not meant to stand still or stay in the same place,” Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt says in a recent interview with...


Opeth play songs from throughout their career, but focus mainly on new material on their latest live release, Garden of the Titans: Live at...


Sorceress is a peculiarly strong album, but not heavy in any traditional sense, and Åkerfeldt often seems to have merely broadened his influences rather...


It would be a bit harder to believe that Opeth have been kicking around the metal scene for a full 25 years now if...

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Latest Opeth Live Footage

Live Footage

Specifically "Sorceress", "Ghost of Perdition", and "In My Time of Need".

Live Footage

It almost seems like the best view at Red Rocks is from the stage, but what a great scene for Opeth to choose for...

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