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JUSTIN BIEBER Enlists Legendary Metal Artist To Create New Edgier Logo

The logo work is admittidely pretty sweet.

The logo work is admittidely pretty sweet.

Artist Mark Riddick is known for creating some gruesome artwork for the likes of bands like Dethklok, The Black Dahlia Murder, Suicide Silence, Devourment and now, perhaps his biggest client… pop star Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber's heavy metal metamorphosis continues. Lately, he's been wearing Metallica shirts a lot, rocking Iron Maiden tees, lipsyncing Ozzy Osbourne tunes,  hanging out with Anthrax's Frankie Bello and posting selfies with Marilyn Manson. Riddick revealed yesterday that he was commissioned to create logos for Bieber's current "Purpose Tour"  by Fear of God clothing, who created some of the merch for the tour. Riddick was cool enough to share his process:

Bieber logo samples 2 Bieber logo samples Purpose Bieber logo samples

And here's the final product:


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How do we feel about this? We are happy that a talented artist such as Mark Riddick likely got a pretty sweet pay day and that his work is out there for people to appreciate, who might not be exposed to it otherwise. How do we feel about Bieber co-opting metal logos? Well, it's part of a larger trend (see Kanye West's metal logo). Metal is hip and cool and everybody wants a piece of the style… just not the music.

[via MetalSucks]

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