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MARILYN MANSON & JUSTIN BIEBER Are Total BFFs Now, Signaling The End of the Universe

These guys are showing each other love, or mooching off each other's notoriety.

These guys are showing each other love, or mooching off each other's notoriety.

Justin Bieber is clearly in the middle of reinventing himself as being more edgy. Lately, he's been wearing Metallica shirts a lot, rocking Iron Maiden tees, lipsyncing Ozzy Osbourne tunes, and even hanging out with Anthrax's Frankie Bello. Now, there is another rocker that Bieber can consider a friend, and that's Marilyn Manson.

It started when Manson tweeted a photo of Biebs wearing one of his t-shirts, sometime last year:

While it seemed like Manson didn't approve at first, he had a change of heart last week, posting this photo:

And, I guess somebody from Bieber's management got in touch with Manson, because yesterday, Bieber posted a photo of him taking a selfie with Manson (but not the actual selfie)

Does this mean the universe is about to end? Not really, it's just two celebrities hanging out. But the question is, who stands to benefit more here, Manson or Bieber? It seems like Bieber is trying to add to his rep, but I feel like Manson is getting a nice public awareness boost here too.

One thing is for sure: metalheads will sit and read this whole story and then ask why we even bothered writing about it. The answer is because we knew you would click on it to bitch.

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