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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme Of The Extreme: KROSIS Write A Memoir Of Free Will

Krosis Promos 2020-7

Welcome back, and happy Wednesday Extreme fans. A quick reminder that all previous editions of Extreme of the Extreme can be found HERE. Now on we go!

Krosis are back with a bang! This North Carolina melodic deathcore outfit are ready to release their second full length album A Memoir Of Free Will this Friday. Krosis wanted to offer a chance to hear it, in its entirety, two days early though. A Memoir Of Free Will is the follow up to Solem Vatem and the band's second release through Unique Leader Records.

Extreme Of The Extreme: KROSIS Write A Memoir Of Free Will

A Memoir Of Free Will kicks off strong with the opening track "Gone, But Not Forgotten". The opening track sets the tone for the album nicely, intertwining samples and ambient tones with the band's own brand of melody and deathcore. From the buildup in the intro, to the outro of the first track, it's a never-ending barrage of djent infused melody and extremity. Adding Mac Smith's vocals to the mix makes this a force to be reckoned with and it's only the first track. Continuing the onslaught, "Insanity: A Moniker Of Me" kicks off right off the hop. About halfway through though, the song slows right down, basically to a halt. Over this section, Smith goes into what can only be described as a harsh whisper, fans of Cradle of Filth should have a good understanding of that style as it's one Dani Filth tends to use at least once an album.

When it comes to most aggressive, most extreme, most defining track on the album, look no further than the previously released, "Psychoticlysm". Although previously discussed here on Extreme of the Extreme, it deserves special recognition for taking everything that A Memoir Of Free Will embodies and forcing it into one track. The album closes out with the title track "A Memoir Of Free Will" and it's a big one. This is a ten and a half minute epic that incorporates seemingly everything this band knows musically. From a soft, melancholic opening to the extreme body of the song. "A Memoir Of Free Will" is a song that makes much more sense when listened to in context of the album. An absolutely outstanding stand alone song is elevated to highly when the listener can pick out little pieces of the album that are used throughout. Like a scavenger hunt in a breakdown.

A Memoir Of Free Will is easily the most ambitious batch of music released by Krosis. Not content with just treading water, these guys want to absolutely dominate the deathcore scene, if not the metal scene as a whole. That comes across so loudly and clearly with this album. A Memoir Of Free Will comes out Friday through Unique Leader Records, but the band are happy to let you hear it now, so give it a spin and let them know why they rock.

Krosis are also hitting the road in support of the new album, check it out if there's a date near you

February 6 Chapel Hill NC @ Local 506
February 7 Greensboro NC @ New York Pizza
February 8 Asheville NC @ The Odditorium
February 9 Columbus GA @ The Plughouse
February 11 Lafayette IN @ The Spot Tavern
February 12 Pittsburgh PA @ Black Forge Coffee II
February 13 Montclair NJ @ The Meatlocker
February 14 Philadelphia PA @ Century
February 15 Chesapeake VA @ Riffhouse

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