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PHANTOM HIGH Unleash Pop From Hell With "Black Divine"


Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever time of day you choose for it to be everyone. Welcome to another great Wednesday of Extreme of the Extreme. This week, brings something with a little bit different of pace. Please, welcome to the stage Phantom High, and their new music video for "Black Divine".

Now, we've all watched some of those YouTube mashups of songs or artists that shouldn't go together, but work, right? Like the Meshuggah and Madonna one for instance. The reason I mention this, is the fact that that's exactly what you'll take away from "Black Divine". Imagine taking Rob Zombie or White Zombie and laying down some djent Meshuggah riffs over it. Sounds crazy right?

Not only do Phantom High take the industrial and djent styles and smash them together, they look the part to. Vocalist Peril Erinyes looks as if John 5 and pretty much any member from any glam band had a child and couldn't agree on how to raise it. While on the other side, guitarist Seven Six looks like they could be a big Stray From the Path fan, or maybe just a Ghost fan.

PHANTOM HIGH Unleash Pop From Hell With "Black Divine"

Self admitted to being "pop from hell" makes much more sense once you dive into the music as well, it's catchy. "Black Divine" will likely be etched into your brain if you listen to it multiple times. Featuring more clean singing than harsh vocals, which are mainly used to edge along the song, it's easy to get lost in the groove.

Erinyes offered up some insight into the lyrics and background of "Black Divine", saying “Taken from ancient Egyptian culture, “Sacred or Divine Feminine”, which referred to aspects and/or traits of artistry. Mine was dark, hence the addition of “black”. It’s essentially the title I’d given the “closet” I was in, the music and dreams of becoming my true self, were what kept me from ending my life, despite how poor, how alone, and how sick or abused I was, there was always my “Black Divine” to close my eyes and fall into its promise, like a symbiotic possession.”

Phantom High's new video for "Black Divine" is available below now, with the single available on Bandcamp and all streaming services today as well. Give it a spin and drop a line on the unique style of Phantom High!

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