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Extreme of the Extreme

"Nothing Is Sacred" In 2021 With PLAGUE WEAVER


Happy new year! What a year that was. Welcome to another great Wednesday of Extreme of the Extreme. This week, what better way to summerise the year we just had than with a new song from the blackened death-doom of Plague Weaver.

Plague Weaver's new single, "Nothing Is Sacred", comes from the band's upcoming release Ascendant Blasphemy. If there is any better song to help capture the feeling that everyone around the world has had through 2020, this is it. "Nothing Is Sacred" is a slow burn of death-doom, slow, grudging instrumentals entwined with harsh, raw black metal growls.

"Nothing Is Sacred" isn't purely for fans of slow, about halfway through the song it transitions from a slow burn, to aggressive and dominant blasts. The contrast is almost alarming and the sudden change in attitude and style is likely to keep anyone listening on their toes for what to expect next.

"Nothing Is Sacred" In 2021 With PLAGUE WEAVER

Discussing the new album, Plague Weaver said “We think fans who have heard the previous EP will enjoy this album. Ascendant Blasphemy is an evolution, no doubt. Definitely more aggressive, and more riff-driven overall, without abandoning Plague Weaver’s doom-inspired roots on songs like ‘In Exitium Caeli’ and ‘..of Quivering Doves’.”

"Nothing Is Sacred" is available now to listen to at your own leisure, and while you're at it why not check out their Bandcamp? Surely you could use some new music to start 2021, even if it is their previous EPs. That's all for this week, stay safe, wear a mask, and see you next week.

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