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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme of the Extreme: KROSIS Make Their Old Tunes Fresh And New With "Sacrificium"

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Sometimes a band just needs a change. Look at how often band’s change out members and it sparks new, outstanding music. One of these for instance is Krosis, who released A Memoir of Free Will only just a few months ago. The inclusion of new vocalist Mac Smith not only sparked new life into the band and their music, but into a whole new area of fans. A Memoir of Free Will skyrocketed Krosis into the faces of metal fans everywhere with their brand of progressive and technical deathcore. It turns out though, Krosis doesn’t just stop there.

This is a band that wasn’t happy with just treading water. Recently, Krosis announced the rerecording and release of all their previous works, with new mixing and master, as well as vocal tracks from Smith. On top of all this, the first rerecording, Mount of Sacrifice Redux, also features new bass recordings from Brian Krahe, who joined the band after the initial release.

Extreme of the Extreme: KROSIS Make Their Old Tunes Fresh And New With "Sacrificium"

To kick off the excitement for Mount of Sacrifice Redux, Krosis have prepared their first single for the rerecording of “Sacrificium”. If you’re into progressive and technical death metal, this will certainly be right up your alley. “Sacrificium” is a song that will dive from full speed, absolutely blitzing death metal, into more casual relaxing harmonic sections. From the harshest and deepest lows that Smith can muster, to cleans much more akin to those of Michael Keene. One particular section that stands out actually is the guitar solo. This whole portion goes from slow, soft, and sweet, until it casually progresses into something much more intense. This isn’t something that only changes with the solo either, all the backing instruments pick up in tempo and aggressiveness as well. It’s the calm before the storm, and it’s simply impossible to actually be ready for the storm.

While “Sacrificium” will be available on streaming services on Friday, and is available to pre-save now, Krosis have offered up the chance to listen to the new single a couple days early. “Sacrificium” is available now, below, and is the first taste of new-old Krosis off of Mount of Sacrifice Redux. The reimagining of the bands debut EP will be available on September 18th, with a recording of the debut album Solum Vatem following in November. Krosis will also be releasing a brand new EP in early 2021, so there’s more than enough love to go around from Krosis, just remember to wear your masks with all these sicks riffs.

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