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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme Of The Extreme: KROSIS Get Heavy With New Track Psychoticlysm


Happy Wednesday! This one is a bit different as there will be a bit of a double feature, click HERE to check out this week's other premiere. You can also check out all other editions of Extreme of the Extreme HERE.

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Krosis are a new band on the scene, but having signed to notable label Unique Leader Records is definitely a sign of things to come. After a long stretch of dates with Inanimate Existence, Krosis are ready to unveil a load of new music. This starts with the new single and video "Psychoticlysm" from the band's upcoming album A Memoir Of Freewill which is due out on February 7th. Krosis have found a sweet spot in blending together the musicianship of technical death metal, the ballbreaking sound of deathcore and some jazzy/djent tones.

Extreme Of The Extreme: KROSIS Get Heavy With New Track Psychoticlysm

Vocalist Mac Smith's style focuses mostly around the style of deathcore and while the band sounds like it could be constantly on the verge of a breakdown, it almost never comes. Whenever a breakdown does come, Smith's vocal style truly shines and anyone who studies vocalists should keep an ear out for these sections. Alongside that, anytime a breakdown comes, it's almost always swept away, quite literally, by the guitars. Adam Thiessen and Brandon Scurlark have a tendency to throw quick little sweeps in intertwined with the more jazz influenced style.

"Psychoticlysm" is a release for anyone who lines their music a bit more unpredictable. It's a song that's hard to gage exactly what will come next and it's a nice breath of air from what you would typically find from a band that falls under the deathcore umbrella. Krosis have a new video to go along with the new track and a headline tour supporting the new album ready to go!

A Memoir Of Free Will Release Tour
2/6 Chapel Hill NC @ Local 506
2/7 Winston Salem NC @ Breaktime
2/8 Asheville NC @ The Odditorium 
2/9 Columbus GA @ The Plughouse
2/11 Lafayette IN @ The Spot Tavern
2/12 Pittsburgh PA @ Black Forge Coffee
2/13 Montclair NJ @ Meatlocker
2/14 Philadelphia PA @ Century 
2/15 Virginia Beach @ West Beach Tavern. 
No God of Nothing

Extreme Of The Extreme: KROSIS Get Heavy With New Track Psychoticlysm

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