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DANK SLAMS: Mastering The Frames Of War/Slam With THE PERRIN SEQUENCE

Posted by on April 13, 2017 at 7:16 pm

Well, this is interesting. A programme of brutal-as-hell slam that shares its name with a video game that one of us over here at ye olde dank tank used to work on? It's not every day that something like this happens. Small world.

Anyway, if you fuckers are at all familiar with the massively successful free-to-play game called Warframe, then you are likely aware that today's dank ones, The Perrin Sequence, share their name with a splinter group comprised of brilliant and powerful merchants that are looking to restore order by bringing prosperity and direction to the violent world they study. Unlike their time with The Corpus, the game's ruthless merchant cult, they exercise their trade without instigating violence.

We could go on, but this stuff gets deep… very deep. We'd recommend checking out the game for a more immersive experience into the vast and intriguing lore that is Warframe. For now, back to the business at hand… slam!

The Perrin Sequence, are an internationally-based slamming brutal deathcore band hailing from both the US and the UK. The band was formed in early 2017 by vocalist Alex Ives (Artificial Pathogen) and guitarist Roberto Granados (ex-Seraphim Defloration). Having collaborated previously in several projects, the two decided to branch off as a duet into an entirely autonomous project of their own.

Soon after forming, the guys recorded their debut EP, Abominations. The release pulls together both material written for Robert's former solo act Seraphim Defloration, and unreleased material that the duet had co-written for a previous band. Which brings us to the reason we are all here today – the band's first single from said EP, entitled "Deviant Horrors". This first taste leans more towards the side of brutal death metal, and features a plethora of chuggy guitar riffs and blast beats. The track features Tony Davis, vocalist of Guttural Slug and ex-Gutfucked.

When asked about the collaboration, guitarist, Robert, had this to offer…

"The song was originally something I wrote for my former one-man band, Seraphim Defloration. It was part of an entire album styled with a blend of brutal death metal and tech death elements, and unfortunately it was never released. When Alex (vocalist) first contacted me about starting this band, the first thing that came to mind was all that unreleased material I had written. Given that Alex and I have known each other for awhile and collaborated in several other bands, I knew his style and the kind of material he liked working with. I thought that the blend of his vocals with the music I had written would fit together very nicely, and it ended up exceeding my expectations. The frosting on the cake, so to speak, was getting the guest spot from Tony from Guttural Slug, another incredible vocalist with a very unique style that I think lent itself very well to The Perrin Sequence's brand of brutal death metal."

Now the moment you've been waiting for. The exclusive stream of "Deviant Horrors", a joint effort brought to you by Dank Slams and our friends over at Slam Worldwide! This thing is like a Phage to the cranium (again, go check out the game Warframe to get the reference)…

A release date for Abominations has yet to be announced. Preorders, once available, can be obtained here.

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