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Dank Slams


Posted by on April 20, 2017 at 5:51 pm

It's getting to be that time of year. Remember those hot, muggy, taint sweat-drenched days of your childhood, when dad dug out the old slip and slide from storage, hacked up the neighborhood strays, and proceeded to drench that banana-yellow backyard waterslide with gore and feline carnage? Yep. That time of year.

Fittingly, today's dank is an international one – straight outta Colorado-Venezuela comes the two-piece slam crew Entrenched In Epidermal Slippage. Yep, you read that correctly. Usually these band names conjure something – anything – but this one just leaves us, well, dazed and confused. I mean, what the fuck is happening here? Who and what are being entrenched in the slipping of epidermis? Our research indicates that this is a post-mortal condition, and not related to the aforementioned slip and slide – the one that put your dad in jail for many, many years, which in turn lead you to this deranged, psychotic sub-genre of metal we call slam. As much as we love this shit, normal, well-adjusted people do not listen to this stuff. Yep. We said it. This. Shit. Is. Fucked.

Anyway, let's have the guys explain what the hell it is we are about to listen to…

"The raw mix and master was done in Venezuela by Pitagoras Audio. It's a total of 4 tracks that attempts to add a little uniqueness to slam without sounding like all the other bands coming out. We tried to have a drummer but no members really fit. So, we brought in Grant of Nephrectomy and Junior of Rotten Vomit. The international fit worked great."

As always, we are incredibly stoked to bring you the first listen of this newest of slams, made possible by our bros over at Slam Worldwide. We present to you the full EP stream of Entrenched In Epidermal Slippage

Head to the band's official FB page for more information on the EP, which was released today.

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