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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: Diversify Your Gore-Soaked Stock Portfolio With DISPLEASED DISFIGUREMENT

Posted by on May 4, 2017 at 6:32 pm

What a week. The world of slam has never been busier. So many damn incredible releases as-of-late. If slam paid, well, we'd all be rich – feasting on the succulent flesh of the less fortunate, while sipping intestinal fluid champagne!

On that note, we are throwin all our slam bucks into an A-rated, growth stock investment option – this thing is better than any blue chip, nickel and dime tech company you've been wasting your hard earned money on. Even with the risk of insider trading looming, we'll loop ya in… you ready? Jot this shit down…


For those with stellar portfolios, you will already know that this NASDAQ symbol refers to South Africa's DISPLEASED DISFIGUREMENT. For those that don't know, well, now is your chance. Get on the phone with your gore broker, and get this shit locked down, as these guys are the future. It's all about diversification, fuckers. Anyway, enough chit-chat. Go talk to your finance dude, cause we gotta get slammin.

On that note, we are stoked to present to you the exclusive stream of the song "Malignant Misery", taken from Displeased Disfigurement's sophomore slam, entitled Origin Of Abhorrence. Preorders of the album can obtained here.

On a completely separate note, we'd like to extend a huge GET WELL SOON to Dexter the cat (the Slam Worldwide resident furball) who went under the surgeon's scalpel earlier today and is on track to making a full recovery!


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