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"...we have written a number of compositions musically in these circumstances since the war started."

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"We were thinking, not only we can just make an artistic statement but we can also make a very important political statement."

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Stoner doom, funeral doom, sludgy doom, all of it.

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Third World Posse artist Felipe Mora is doing his part.

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All proceeds will go towards Ukrainian humanitarian relief.

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Still, Abdukhanov laments not being able to see his family.

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"This madness, it's totally, totally a madman's work, this thing."


Featuring Behemoth, Jinjer, The Acacia Strain, and more.

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"We want to remember the humanity shared by both Russian and Ukrainian citizens."

Injection Reflection

This week's top stories had a good deal to do with the ongoing attacks on Ukraine by the Russian army. Elsewhere, we talked about...

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These funds will go to various charities aiding Ukrainians.

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