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What If ZZ TOP Wrote METALLICA's "Seek And Destroy"?

It would be the best little thing to come outta Texas, that's what!

As weird as this sounds, Metallica has always had a little bit of a blues influence, even from their earliest days. Strange as it may be to think of the kings of thrash taking blues nods—which I get—it's actually pretty out in the open if you listen for it. It mostly comes through in the playing of Kirk Hammett, and it's got a thin link to proto-metal bands like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

Of course, down in Texas, everything is done BIGGER, and same goes for this cover of Metallica's "Seek and Destroy" as done in the style of the legendary ZZ Top by YouTuber Denis Pauna (who also does a mean Type O Negative, by the way.) From the opening riff here, the synergy between the guitar parts of "Seek and Destroy" and something as iconic as ZZ's "Tush," for example, is staring you right in the face (and your ears, I guess?)

But right down to Billy Gibbons signature "Hahahaaa.." standing in for James Hetfield's trademark "Yeah-EE-eaaaaah!", this should honestly become of a staple of any bar band looking to shake up their repertoire. Let's fandango, baby!

By the way, if you're into these stylistic remakes from musicians across the internet, below are a few of our favorites, if you'd like to check them out!

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