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This Cover Of MAYHEM's "Freezing Moon" On Classical Guitar Is As Frosty As The Original

It's even set in snow covered woods.

YouTuber 331Erock has released a video of himself playing the classic black metal track "Freezing Moon" by original masters Mayhem. But this is no ordinary cover—Erock plays the song in a classical acoustic guitar style, predominantly finger-picking the rhythm, harmony, and lead guitar parts. It's pretty sick, and he's even playing deep in a snow capped forest. I mean, c'mon—that's legit. You can check out the video above.

Give it a shot—because if you're thinking this is some long drawn out classical guitar snooze fest, that's where you're wrong. A full arrangement compliments the tuneful acoustic tones, and not a single drop of the original song's bleakness is sacrificed at all.

If you get a chance, go ahead and check out 331Erock's YouTube page; he's got some very solid videos of him playing some of the most prolific cuts in rock and metal, with over 1 million followers and counting.

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