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A photo of High On Fire in front of the Metallica Master of Puppets cover art

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What If HIGH ON FIRE Wrote METALLICA's "Battery"?

One hint: it would rule.

Here's a premise for you – High On Fire go back in time to 1986, meet up with the members of Metallica just before they're about to write the classic introduction to what would be the Master of Puppets LP—"Battery"—and instead take them out on an all night bender complete with endless Jagermeister shots and pills up the wazoo.

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The next morning, emerging from a blackout with a raging hangover, James Hetfield wakes up to find a cassette tape on his amp, featuring a jam session with the two bands that sounds a lot like the above video.

Well, maybe that's just the work of my overactive imagination, but nonetheless, YouTuber Oyu of Moonic Productions definitely takes this cover to the next level with a full-on octane blast and a whole lot of bark. Check it out now!

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