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Mary On A Cross

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Watch ALGAR THE BARD Give GHOST's "Mary On A Cross" The Renaissance Fair Treatment

Ye olde heavy metal!

Who said Ghost's music isn't romantic? Romantic, like, the 19th century, without a doubt. Enter: Algar the Bard. Watch him just above tackle "Mary on a Cross" using instruments typically found on the score to a Lord of the Rings movie: an Irish Bouzouki, which is kind of like a mandolin (though it's origins trace all the way back to ancient Greece), a lute-guitar, a German instrument from the mid 1800s, plus whistle and drum. Put it this way: if Ren-Fairs and Ghost are your thing, get ready to have your mind blown to the moon.

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Algar, meanwhile, has been generating a lot of buzz on social media with his medieval renditions of metal classics. A recent cover of Rammstein's "Du Hast" features what I'm almost certain is a hurdy-gurdy (look it up). And a version of System of A Down's "Chop Suey!" is downright eerie and amazing all at once. You can check those out, too, just below.

I also dig how, in Algar's posts, you can learn about the instruments being played, and hear a freaky cover of a sick metal track. If that weren't enough, he's got some pretty good photography featured on his account, too!

Check out some more of Algar the Bard today on Instagram and YouTube!

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