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Dirty Window

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What If METALLICA's "Dirty Window" Was Actually A Hardcore Song?

Turns out it works pretty good.

Metallica in recent years have been known to toy around with the arrangement of the St. Anger track "Dirty Window." A new arrangement was first introduced on tour and was played in an electric setting fairly often. But recently, the band took that new arrangement and played it acoustically at last year's All Within My Hands benefit concert to also great effect.

Well, as it turns out, you can do a lot with the St. Anger cut, as YouTuber Todd Barriage has shown us in his video upload of "Dirty Window" done as a hardcore song. The way the song is lyrically structured makes it perfect for hardcore breakdowns—"Projector! Protector! Rejector! Infector! Projector!" C'mon, man, don't lie: you can hear it in your head already. You can check it out just above.

By the way, if you wanna cringe—and by cringe, I mean laugh until you cry—check out Barriage's version of AC/DC's classic song "Back In Black" done in a super emo-on-steroids style.

If you're into these covers and stylistic remakes like we are, below are a few of our favorites, if you'd like to check them out!

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