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CHTHONIC "Supreme Pain for the Tyrant" video

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CHTHONIC "Supreme Pain for the Tyrant" video

Sounds like an innuendo, doesn't it? Anyway… so we're all pretty aware that the new Chthonic album is pretty dang sweet in all the right ways; ethnic metal without overdoing it on the ethnic and metal in all the right places. Ah no wait… no you're not. Just take my word for it. In fact, why don't you take their new song "Supreme Pain for the Tyrant"'s word for it? That's a thousand times more authoritative than mine! It's a pretty good idea of what the album is going to sound like if you haven't been listening to the single released already.

The thing I love about "Supreme Pain for the Tyrant" is that it doesn't come in with the ethnic intro and then go metal- it melds the two, which is a testament to the band's writing skill. Get that shit on June 25!

[thanks Revolver]

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