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photo: Chad Kelco

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-(16)- Continues To Be Bummed Out On New Song "Sadlands"

Fat riffs and sadness. That's just how it is, man.

16, or -(16)- if you're feeling fancy, is back with another song off their new album Dream Squasher and it's even slower than normal. 16 brings in swirling organs, turns the tempos down, and employs a lot more clean vocals for their new track "Sadlands." The result is a track made for the slow headbang.

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16's new album Dream Squasher is out June 5. Pre-order it here and here on Bandcamp.



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Dream Squasher doesn't stray too far from the path -(16)- has blazed for the past 29 years—one marked with addictive arrangements and inexorable anger.