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Photographic Proof That METALLICA Is In The Studio

Another trail in a long line of bread crumbs…

Another trail in a long line of bread crumbs...

About two weeks ago Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo said the group is currently blueprinting out some new songs for an album. This begs the question of what Metallica has been doing this whole time when all the members have been touting the fact that writing and demoing has been going down? Back in May 2014 the group stated that the new record would begin taking form¬†that September to knock out the new stuff… so blueprinting seems like it would've been done. Right?

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Despite all the delays, it seems like Metallica is finally buckling down and writing and perhaps even recording new material. The band posted the below photo to Instagram over the weekend. Maybe Trujillo was trying to throw us all off the scent of new material, because it looks like the group is in the studio right now.

Rockin along . . .

Uma foto publicada por Metallica (@metallica) em

Yup. That's Trujillo recording, drummer Lars Ulrich taking the picture and someone else in front of Trujillo tracking? It's not really clear who that is. So maybe we're closer to new Metallica than we think!

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