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METALLICA Promise To "Buckle Down" in September To Work on New Album

Posted by on May 9, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Metallica might have released a new track earlier this year, but a new album is nowhere near close to done. Lars has said previously that the band won't hit the studio until next year, but the band will begin working on material sooner than that. Maybe.

The band have a few festival dates overseas next month, and after that the band hopes to take time off in the summer to be with their kids. In a new interview with Guitar World, guitarist Kirk Hammett says they are eyeing September to being writing new material:

"We totally want to make an album," says lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. "But we have all these other touring commitments, and we have families now. It’s gonna be summertime soon, and it’s hard to work because the kids are out of school."

"But we have a backlog of riffs in the riff bank," he continues. "Now it’s about picking riffs out, putting them together and moving along. Later, we’ll revisit it all and see where it goes. We’ve all said to each other that September is gonna be the time when we buckle down. I know I told everyone it was gonna be last January…but that’s just the way it goes! [laughs]"

Kirk added that he's been working on the solo in "Lords of Summer" and making it even better:

"Because of everything we had going on, I didn’t have time to work out the guitar solo in 'Lords of Summer'," says Hammett. "The solo that’s on the demo track was all we had time to do. I barely knew what I was gonna do and didn’t have time to really formulate anything. We told everyone that the song was a demo version…and the solo is really a demo version. [laughs] If you compare the solo in the demo version to what I’ve been playing live at those South American shows, it’s a lot better and more refined now."

Check out the demo version here.

Are you looking forward to new music from Metallica?

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