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Nuclear Blast Reveals New MESHUGGAH, ALL SHALL PERISH, NILE Releases Coming In 2015



On Jan. 6, Carcass posted the above picture on its Facebook talking about how much the new Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP sold. Usually that wouldn't be news, except the secondary image attached to it spills some pretty interesting information about releases nobody was aware of up to this point. Let's start with the most mysterious of the three, All Shall Perish! Then we'll work our way around to geeking out about the other two.

Vocalist for All Shall Perish Eddie Hermida left in 2013 to go join Suicide Silence full time. The group also lost guitarist Ben Orum in 2012, meaning All Shall Perish is currently down a secondary guitarist and a vocalist. I'm guessing whoever is in charge of the band will make an announcement about who will replace the duo soon if a new album is coming out, considering the importance of having a vocalist and guitarist. Plus, who knows if Francisco Artusato is still playing with All Shall Perish now that he's committed full-time to Devil You Know! A new album seems to have a lot of variables.

Nile is just due for a new record. The group released At the Gate of Sethu in 2012 and has been very quiet as of late. It'll be interesting to see what direction the band goes in for the new stuff since the last record was totally off the beaten path in terms of music and production style. Without knowing a lick more information than I do right now, I guarantee you Nile will employ ancient Egyptian instrumentation for the record and there will be plenty of mythological lyrics. So there's that.

I got borderline unreasonably excited about Meshuggah coming out with a new record until I remembered guitarist Mårtin Hagstöm recently said the group was sending new material back and forth between members in November. So here's hoping we'll see that flesh itself out sooner rather than later.

2015 is lookin' pretty good so far.

[via MetalSucks]

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