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MESHUGGAH Is "Messing Around" With New Material

'Bout that time again.

'Bout that time again.

Meshuggah generally takes about three years between studio records, so considering Koloss came out in 2012 we're just about due for another one! The band has been on the road the majority of 2014 for their anniversary tour. Previously, they've hinted that they begin writing a new record this year and now that they're back home it seems like the gears have begun to turn. At least that's what guitarist Mårtin Hagstöm says.

"[We're] mainly just sending stuff back and forth. I've been sitting down the last few weeks at home working by himself. I know Tomas [Haake, drums] has been working a little bit with Dick [Lövgren, bass], but mostly by himself as well. And that's generally how it goes for us. I mean, it doesn't get to be, kind of, a band effort until we've got something to stand on, some ideas and some half songs here and there that we can all dig into, cool stuff that might make it to the next album. And then everybody gets into the process and then it gets snowballing from there, it gets bigger and bigger real fast. But the early stages are always real slow, and that's where we're at now. But we're not rushing anything. We've got the final leg of the 25-year-anniversary thing going on in December in Europe, so we're actually planning and preparing a bit for that as well."

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I wonder if they're going to be using those fancy 9-string guitars they got for the record… regardless, we'll be sitting in the corner praying to the zen Gods for new Meshuggah in 2015.

[via Blabbermouth]

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