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Exclusive: New SUICIDE SILENCE Vocalist Eddie Hermida Talks Joining The Band, Writing New Material & Leaving ALL SHALL PERISH

About one year after the tragic death of frontman Mitch Lucker, Suicide Silence have decided to move forward with a new vocalist, a close friend of the band, Eddie Hermida, formerly of All Shall Perish. We have a long history with both bands and so we emailed Eddie to get some answers on how he joined the band, why he chose to leave All Shall Perish and future writing and touring plans for Suicide Silence.

Here is what Eddie had to say: 

How did Suicide Silence approach you to join the band?
At first their manager contacted me and said, "Hey Ed, the guys are thinking about picking themselves up and would like to hear what someone else sounds like on a previously recorded track." They said it was more for the reference than anything else. After I recorded the "You Only Live Once" track they liked it so much that we started exploring ways to make something work.

What was your initial reaction?
My initial reaction was to help in any way possible. Mitch and Suicide Silence were always like a surrogate family to me so when they asked me to help with the track I was honored. When they officially asked me if I'd be interested in joining the band, it definitely put me in a tough spot as I had many things to consider.

When did you decide that you would have to do this full time and depart from All Shall Perish?
The full-time aspect for Suicide Silence was always part of the deal. Just know that I did everything in my power to stay in All Shall Perish and work both projects. The ASP boys will say that I quit when I decided to take the reigns in SS. I will say that I was asked to step away by my bandmates because they didn't want my schedule with SS to interfere with their future. Either way All Shall Perish has my heart and soul built into it and I will always support the work we did together.

What is the plan? Are you guys hitting the studio working on new material or will there be a tour first?
We are writing as I am typing this! So stoked to see this all come together. Such a different writing process. A lot of musical clay molding going on. Expect heavy, expect different.

What do you say to all the Suicide Silence fans that are hesitant for the band to continue?
Trust me! I got this.

We are excited to hear what Eddie and the rest of Suicide Silence come up with. Here's some bootleg video of the band performing with Eddie at the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show last year, which will eventually see a full DVD release:

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