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Kerry King Explains The Hold Up With The New SLAYER Album

If you're as big of a Slayer fan as this guy, you've probably been sitting at your computer impatiently waiting for news about the new album. Last we heard, the band are hoping to put out the album this year.

At NAMM last week, guitarist Kerry King checked in with a new update:

In a new interview with Eddie Trunk, which you can watch here, King explains what the hold up is:

“We got two songs completed last year that I thought was going to come out before Mayhem. And since they didn’t, they’re just gonna be on the record. They’ve just gotta get mixed. We have another one that just needs vocals and leads, and then me and Dave are working on eight complete other ones that we haven’t demoed. We’ve just gotta go in…

The whole hold-up now, as with every record we ever do, it seems like Rick Rubin changes distributors. And we’re kind of, like, left in limbo until he lands somewhere.

I mean, realistically, we’re without a deal, but we plan on staying with Rick. But, he’s working out his distribution, when that gets settled, we’ll be recording. So I am very comfortable saying it will be out this year.”

It's very commendable of the band to stick with Rubin, who has been a mentor and their label head for virtually their entire career. It's great to hear the band is basically done writing the album, and just waiting on funding to record the album.

Who's pumped to hear new Slayer?

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