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DREDG Has "Probably Two Albums Worth" Of New Material

They're aiming to release it in 2022.


Dredg is has been diligently working on the follow-up to their 2011 album Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy, and they've got plenty of material for it. In an interview with the RRBG Podcast, vocalist and guitarist Gavin Hayes reveals the band has written about two albums worth of material and plans to begin working through it all when they can. Hayes also mentions that Dredg plans on having a new record out in 2022.

"We're actually on a really good roll of meeting I mean, at least probably three days a week. That was kind of pre-COVID and all that. Obviously with [COVID] getting in the way, it changed things up a little bit. I've been meeting with [guitarist Mark Engles] and [bassist Drew Roulette] pretty much every week. Usually we meet up on Tuesdays, because Mark, he's living in Sacramento now, and he does some work in the Bay Area still. When he's here, we meet up.

"We've been productive. It's been consistent. We have a lot of material – probably two albums' worth to be honest, if they were in their complete form. They're not all there, but kind of from a song idea and just a conceptually… there's a lot of material. Hours and hours and hours. It's really just a matter of getting us all back in a room and fine-tuning what we have, working through the kinks, structuring things, you know, probably writing some additional pieces. All those things that, you know, are in preparation for pre-production where they're tweaked again up until we record.

"I think the goal is to have something out next year. I know we keep saying that, but it's just… we want to do it right and we're taking our time, and we're at the age and the point of our career where the pressure to release it right away outside of us wanting to get it done, and I'm sure our fans want to hear it, but we want to do it properly."

In the meantime, Dredg is celebrating the 20th birthday of their album Leitmotif with a new vinyl pressing and merch. Check those out here.

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It's gonna be a good year for Dredg fans.