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DREDG Is Getting Serious About Finishing Their First New Record Since 2011

We're already stoked.

Photo by opethpainter

It sounds like the first new Dredg record since Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy in 2011 is set to be finished in 2024. Dredg took to social media recently and asked fans if there's anywhere they can rent a place for the next few months to finally complete their new effort.

"Bay Area (south) CA," wrote Dredg. "We are in search of a new rehearsal space to finish writing our new record. Please reach out to us if you know of a place we can rent for the next 4-6 months. Practice space, unused workshop, warehouse, guest house, unit…. anything."

Last we heard about the new Dredg record was back in October 2022 from drummer Dino Campanella, who had the following to say: "To me, this album sounds like a more mature incarnation of Dredg, which comes from the obvious reason that we are older now, having stepped away from the collective craft for quite some time. This gap in time has given us a newfound appreciation for not only one another, but also for this work of art we've created together and have the ability to create indefinitely.

"Please don't let the word 'mature' deter the reality that Dredg continues, in my opinion, to sound as ambitious and far reaching as ever. Our tastes are clearly fine-tuned and there's no shortage of our classic desire to be weird as fuck."

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