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Plus Conan, Genocide Pact, Fetid, Ghoul, Horrendous, Necrot, and way more!

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"Wormrot shape other genres around grind for their purposes and to their advantage."


It’s blasting, thrashing, pulverizing, and it has groove. Voices is an evolution for Wormrot and is, so far, the best grindcore release of the...

Best of 2011

Not too long ago, I went over to Double-Down Saloon to celebrate Frank’s birthday with the rest of the crew from Metal Injection and...

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Check out Max Volume Silence Live, video by Frank Huang.

Live Footage

Wormrot performed their first show in Taipei, Taiwan. Additional Video by Chih Chung Luo & 李龍. Support Max Volume Silence Live on Patreon! Video by Frank...

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