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We're baaaaaaaaack. The sequel to our 5 Insane Thrash Metal Drummers compilation is finally here. Last time around we stated the following: These guardians...

This Is Just A Tribute

Sad news to report from down under, Peter Hobbs died this morning. Hobbs made his mark in the Australian metal community with the band...

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These Massachusetts thrashers are back at it again! Lich King's The Omniclasm makes for a relentless and fun ride.


By Atanamar Sunyata Flashback (eleven years) to college: sitting in a friend's apartment, drinking 40s and watching the “Over The Edge” WWF pay-per-view event. ...


By: Navjot Kaur Back in the early days of Feel the Fire, when tape-trading was the way to market yourself in a glam-metal dominated...

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