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These Massachusetts thrashers are back at it again! Lich King's The Omniclasm makes for a relentless and fun ride.


Thrash Attack Album Review: LICH KING The Omniclasm

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This week’s Thrash Attack is extra special, due to our friends in Lich King, and their new album The Omniclasm (Independent). If you were able to check out our  recent coverage of their first single “Preschool Cesspool” and loved it – prepare to run circles of joy. The fifth full-length from these Massachusetts thrashers, The Omniclasm is a mix of serious lyricism and buzz saw searing instrumentation. This record absolutely tears from start to finish with high energy that whips back and forth, always maintaining a level of fun.

Like a red hot lightning bolt crashing down, Lich King let loose some viciously angry guitar work. That’s one theme that is really strung from beginning to end in the record, the feeling of anger. Even in tracks like “Civilization” (which is a much slower song then the rest), there’s this crushing pissed off tone. Lyrically, while there are still plenty of goofy titles (such as “Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short”), tracks like “Our Time to Riot”, carry that anger within them. The message here is pretty direct, opening with: “Disenfranchised and disillusioned, no hope in sight/ Spending eight hours every day on someone else’s fight.” The drumming and guitar work are easily the high points in The Omniclasm (while in general everyone sounds great). In particular, the guitar has such a fire in each track. Whether it is charging forward with the heft of a war march, or piercing away like a thunder storm, it brings a sense of chaos in its playing.  It is those moments in songs like “Offense”, when the tension has risen as high as it can, just letting the drums pummel away with a flaring guitar solo. It sounds like something out of a classic Slayer song, and makes for delicious auditory treat.

“Take the Paycheck” is a gem that doesn’t just take jabs at today’s metal bands, but goes straight for a kick to the family jewels. Lines that demonstrate this are: “Once upon a time in the eighties, metal bands worked hard to turn out albums that were good/ Nowadays, most aren’t worth a damn/ But it’s fine, no one cares, it’s understood.” Tackling the lack of integrity in today’s musicians, the song embodies Lich King’s passion to create something personal with a statement. “Lich King V: Stalemate” makes for a whiplashing wet dream. The guitar flies off the tracks like a hellish ride. In all its rage it is an enjoyable song that is sure to leave memorable bruises in the pit. And that’s one of the best parts of this album – regardless of lyrical theme, each song is a blast. The rushing energy is always at an octane high that will spike anyone’s adrenaline levels.

Where some listener’s may write Lich King off as a “joke band” for their playfulness, The Omniclasm proves them absolutely wrong. Though they have the ability to throw in a chuckle there and then, they are more than capable delivering interesting and thought provoking material. The Omniclasm marks another enjoyable record from the dudes we’ve come to trust and love for their thrashing style. Interesting lyricism, along with devastating drumming and high intensity guitar work, make for a memorable head banging journey.


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