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Thrash Attack

Thrash Attack: CRAVEN IDOL's British Ferocity on Full Display with The Shackles of Mammon

London's Craven Idol is proud to share their sophomore blackened thrash delight, The Shackles of Mammon.

London's Craven Idol is proud to share their sophomore blackened thrash delight, The Shackles of Mammon.

Thrash metal meets black metal?! SAY WHATTTT?

But really for this week’s Thrash Attack I’m excited to share with ya’ll Craven Idol’s sophomore release, The Shackles of Mammon.

These London fellows rip through each track with a ferocity that would honor Jack the Ripper. Diving into mankind’s vices and plagues, Craven Idol kicks things off with sinister wails and blackened guitar work in “Pyromancer”. The distorted tone in guitar is similar to that of Darkthrone, with the thrash and vocal elements coming of like Slayer and Behemoth. The track “Black Flame Divination” is a prime example of this sound. Vocals scream in proud anger, as the drum rolls on behind a tearing guitar rhythm.

It’s great to hear these two genres blend so strongly together. While the black metal vibe is at the core of each song, it never consumes the aspects that make thrash. The material may dip its toes into the waters of droning atmosphere there and then, but before anything else, it primarily focuses on its fiery ferocity. If anything, Craven Idol’s sinister undertones add to the gritty speed and adrenaline that make up its body of work. “Dashed to Death” starts off like a bat out of hell, and only progresses into a lightning ridden thunderstorm. Terrific guitar solos, backed by bashing drum cymbals and howling screams, create that atmosphere of despair seeped in madness. “Tottering Cities of Men” starts off slow to build tension, while vocals maintain their aggression. The pacing steadies itself for some time, all before letting loose on moments of hellish speeds, and killer grooves. The Shackles of Mammon is a constant rush of dark energy, backed by red hot speed that will surely please thrashers who want something a little evil.

Stream the album below. If you want to keep tabs on the latest releases and tours for Craven Idol, you can find all that via Facebook. Thanks again for checking out the Trash Attack! Let us know your thoughts on the band in the comments section.

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