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Thrash Attack

Thrash Attack: Into A Pitfall with Some HORRIBLE CREATURES

Head banging with death metal thrashers Horrible Creatures and their latest record Pitfall.

Head banging with death metal thrashers Horrible Creatures and their latest record Pitfall.

Who loves death metal and thrash metal? Well with the Czech Republic’s Horrible Creatures you get both! Their latest record Pitfall is an extreme treat in grinding faces and crushing spines. Released back in March, the album superbly blends juicy guitar rhythms and grooves with blistering drumming. The overall tone is that of a primal aggression in delivery.

Tracks like “Prisoner of Disease” take off with slick guitar tones as the drumming stampedes in. While already flying out of the gates, the song kicks things up even faster in pacing towards the end with a fiery solo. “Rotting Dead” starts with a death roaring scream and hefty grooves that crunch down hard. The guitar work has a dirty tinge to it which aids in creating a grungy and dark atmosphere.

The title track carries an oppressing weight in the air that stirs dread and chaos in its chugging guitar. “Chaos” tosses in a good ole rock and roll vibe that rides in like a whirlwind. “Opposite” is a different spin on the record, for while it still holds to a beating drum section, the pacing and tempo have dropped into a slower metallic groove.

Horrible Creatures is a gritty blast of pissed off thrills. With killer guitar grooves and speedy drumming, these dudes make for a wild time. Feel free to stream Pitfall below and let us know your thoughts! If you want to keep up on new releases, merch, and shows, you can find the band via Facebook.

Thanks for tuning into the Thrash Attack, and keep on head banging!


<iframe style="border: 0; width: 400px; height: 472px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Pitfall by Horrible Creatures</a></iframe>

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