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Thrash Attack

Thrash Attack: Moshing Through A Preschool Cesspool with LICH KING

Posted by on March 28, 2017 at 3:32 pm

Welcome back to the Thrash Attack my friends! Hopefully you are already aware of this special track before reading this article. If you aren’t however, then holy shit we need to catch you up because this is a grand gem for you thrash fans. This week I’m sharing with you one of the hottest tracks that comes off of one of 2017’s most highly anticipated thrash bangers. I’m talking of course about “Preschool Cesspool” from the upcoming Lich King record, The Omniclasm.

If you have somehow lived under a rock for all these years and have no clue as to who Lich King is, then I must say… that’s one hell of a rock. Hailing from the great state of Massachusetts (where I use to live as a youngin’), Lich King is one of modern metal’s most superb thrash bands. Inspired by the likes of Exodus and Slayer, these dudes blend savage speed and technicality that meets humor, making for an all-out raging party.

The Omniclasm lyrically addresses a mix of serious and wacky matters. “Preschool Cesspool” leans more towards the latter I would assume, as the song tears into the dreaded lifestyle of parenting. This is a song that’s better listened to without too much detail given because it’s so much fun. There are just two things I’d like to share about the song before kicking it off. First off, it rips so damn hard from start to finish. With a brief intro, the band kicks on the nitro shoots off like a junkie looking for a fix. And secondly, it is a fucking hilarious song. There were several moments I found myself actually laughing out loud, especially with lines like: “I don’t know how the moon, no, and I don’t know why a tree/ I don’t know why you ask these questions so incessantly/ What’d you do today, oh you saw a cat, that’s nice/  I contemplated the abyss as I grieved for my life.”

You can stream “Preschool Cesspool” below, and preorder the album through Bandcamp before it’s April 14th release. Or… if you want to be a cool kid about things, head over to their webstore to find a variety of preorder bundles that offer tons of merch. The band is planning a release show in their hometown Greenfield MA before taking off on an extensive overseas tour (hopefully we’ll see more of them in the states afterwards).

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