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"Having a live audience would have provided a different energy, but this performance is one Soen fans will definitely want to hear."

Best of 2021

What an incredible year of music! In preparing this year's list, I listened to over 500 albums, narrowed those down to 60 finalists, and...

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Music Videos

A slightly more Floydian take on the track.

Music Videos

Soen recently released their new album Imperial, and are now streaming the music video for their song "Deceiver". According to drummer Martin Lopez, the...

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Swedish prog metallers Soen released their fifth album Imperial this month. Keeping up a stream of steady releases (Lotus in 2019 and Lykaia in...


Lotus will remain a highpoint in Soen’s catalog and probably rank highly on many “Best of 2019” lists come December.  


Martin Lopez of Opeth is back with a prog metal band of his own!

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