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SOEN Slows Down With New Song "Illusion"

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SOEN's New Song "Illusion" Will Mellow You Out

Soen will release their new album Imperial on January 29, and are now streaming their slow new jam "Illusion". Which I have to add has one hell of a David Gilmour-esque guitar solo toward the end, making the entire track that much better.

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"Illusion is a song about the shared responsibility amongst us if we wish to improve the world, change has to be made by us, you and me…the people," said the band. "We can’t just sit around and wait for those in power to help, they are preoccupied battling each other in matters of greed and power.

"It’s about the frustration of feeling powerless but also the hope in realising that things can be changed for the better, if we stop criticising each other and making enemies of ourselves by blindly following the ideas of politicians and their media ?"

Pre-order Imperial here.

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"Having a live audience would have provided a different energy, but this performance is one Soen fans will definitely want to hear."

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A slightly more Floydian take on the track.