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SOPHIE LLOYD Unleashes Spooky Rendition Of METALLICA's "Enter Sandman"

"An atmospheric version of the classic with a touch of a ghostly vibe."

Innovation and ingenuity are the keys to keeping beloved classics alive. In that spirit British guitarist Sophie Lloyd recently breathed new life into the iconic Metallica hit, "Enter Sandman," with a spine-tingling shredding version that's sure to leave you entranced.

Lloyd's adaptation of "Enter Sandman" takes the track down an eerie path, transforming the timeless heavy metal anthem into a haunting auditory experience. With finesse and a touch of darkness, her rendition captures the essence of a moonlit night and the thrill of venturing into the unknown.

Lloyd's guitar skills are unmistakably impressive, but this rendition is not all about technical prowess; but also the respect for the original. Her love for the source material shines through, as she maintains the song's recognizable melody and structure while adding her own eerie twist.

"I hope you enjoy my spooky shred version of 'Enter Sandman' by @metallica Yes thats a real spider, her name was Rosie, and no, I couldn't see anything with those eye contacts in! Huge thanks to @dylansreptiletime for providing the snakes and spiders! They were so cute!"

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