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Metallica 2023

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METALLICA Shares Pro-Shot Live Video Of "Fuel" From Power Trip Festival

"Burn, Indio, burn!"

In what was undoubtedly a momentous occasion for heavy metal enthusiasts worldwide, the inaugural Power Trip Festival took place earlier this month, bringing together six of the genre's most legendary acts. Metallica, one of the headliners, has now released pro-shot footage of their electrifying rendition of "Fuel" from their 1997 album Reload.

The clip showcases the band in top form, delivering a blistering performance. From Hetfield's passionate vocals to Hammett's searing riffs, every element of the song is executed with raw power.

In addition to their own set, Metallica also made headlines for their attendance at Judas Priest's performance. Hetfield and Hammett were spotted near the front row, rocking out to the British metal icons. Speaking on The Metallica Report podcast, Hetfield expressed his excitement at being able to see one of his favorite bands from such a prime vantage point.

"We're down in the very front, looking up," he said. "You got Rob Halford riding out on a motorcycle, and there's fans behind us, looking at us. They're watching us enjoy that. How cool! I guess that's pretty cool, you know, but we're fans at the end of the day. We wanted to be in the mix and see it. So it's been a fantastic weekend."

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