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METALLICA's "Blackened" As A Death Metal Song Is Really Good

We'd buy this.

Metallica's 1988 track "Blackened" is easily one of their heaviest songs, but Denis Pauna made it different in a whole new way. Check out Pauna's death metal rendition of "Blackened" above and try not to break your neck headbanging.

If you're looking for more death metal Metallica, Pauna mentioned in the comments of his video "I'm working on full And Justice for All album in death metal style and it will be out this month." And yes, we'll be posting about that too because it'll probably rule.

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100,000 fans attended the two shows.

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"I was more interested in the metal though, which is basically what we’ve pursued as a team."

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"An atmospheric version of the classic with a touch of a ghostly vibe."