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Cavalera Conspiracy

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Plus releases from Auralayer, Edge Of Paradise, The Mighty Fall, Preacher, Voyager, and a compilation of Soundgarden covers from Magnetic Eye records


"These re-recordings highlight the immense strength of the source material, which deserves wider appeal and recognition."

Upcoming Releases

Max and Igor Cavalera are very excited about what they've done.

Latest Cavalera Conspiracy Music Videos

Music Videos

We are pumped to bring you the world premiere of the new Cavalera Conspiracy video for "Babylonian Pandemonium" from their new album Pandemonium out...

Music Videos

The Cavalera Conspiracy‘s new music video for “Killing Inside” off the album “Blunt Force Trauma“, out March 29th via Roadrunner Records

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Most of you reading this are likely intimately familiar with the convoluted and sordid history surrounding Sepultura and both current and former members. No...

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Latest Cavalera Conspiracy Live Footage

Live Footage

They played the whole album, though under a different name.

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