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Watch The Cavalera Brothers Perform Some Of Roots Live

They played the whole album, though under a different name.

Amnesia Rock Fest took place between June 23 and 26, and featured Cavalera Conspiracy performing Sepultura's Roots in its entirety. For those unaware, Cavalera Conspiracy features both drummer Igor Cavalera and guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera, both of whom were part of Sepultura when Roots came out in 1996.

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You can check out the band playing a portion of the album above, but let's talk about the two strange components to this story.

  • Despite this being Cavalera Conspiracy playing Roots, it's billed as Max & Igor Back To Roots. Is that a show at Sepultura? Because…
  • Sepultura was playing the day after Max & Igor Back To Roots.

The whole thing is just weird and reeks of the brothers giving their former band the finger. Solid performance, though.

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