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New Music

Last October, we learned Attack Attack was plotting a comeback. The band had been teasing a new single to be released today, and uhh,...

New Music

Attack Attack! is a-back a-back. On Mondaym, we learned they had reunited and all but confirmed they are working with Joey Sturgis (Of Mice...

Upcoming Releases

Austin Carlile and Caleb Shomo reportedly not involved.

Shocking Revelations

The year was 2010, MTV's Headbangers Ball was on its last legs, when the now-infamous Attack Attack! video for "Stick Stickly" was released, changing...

Latest attack attack Music Videos

Music Videos

What happens when you take every bad cliche about metalcore videos and stick them all into one? Well, Attack Attack! can tell you, because they did...

Music Videos

From their new self titled album, out now on Rise Records

Music Videos

The Wretched comes from Attack Attack's album, This Means War, out January 17th, 2012 on Rise Records.

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