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Attack Attack! Stick Stickly

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Attack Attack! Stick Stickly

What happens when you take every bad cliche about metalcore videos and stick them all into one? Well, Attack Attack! can tell you, because they did it with their new video for Stick Stickly. I was watching Headbangers Ball on Saturday night (big mistake, I know) and this video came on (above) and I was amazed! It sounded like two different songs from the same album being played at once. And then, during the last 30 seconds or so, it sounds like a completely different album from a different band being played. Seriously, guys WTF? Oh and please stop with the choreographed headbangs and the super-squatting (more examples hereand here). It looks like you need to badly take a dump. The kicker of course is this is a Christan metalcore outfit. Duh!

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