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A Band Worse Than ATTACK ATTACK Exists!

A few years ago, we had a really good time making fun of Attack Attack!, but apparently they got all srs now, and have dropped most of the schtick. With that void, comes something new to make fun of. I don't know if I should be thanking my buddy Vince Neilstein over at MetalSucks, or getting really mad that he exposed me to what he dubbed the best worst band of 2012, so far, Eskimo Callboy. This band is all about being scene as fvk… their lead single is about scene amateur porn site, Is Anyone Up? (NSFW), how do I know? Because that's the title of the damn shitty song. Check out this video, only if you haven't had any lunch yet to puke back up:

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There is so much to hate about this video. The shitty clothing, the awfully overdone auto-tune, and the terrible chorus, which just means one thing: these guys will be headlining Warped Tour in due time.

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